Scantogo plant

Production of clinker


Scantogo is a subsidiary of Scancem International, member of HeidelbergCement group.

  • Type: Clinker Production plant
  • Production Capacity: 1.5 million tons per year
  • Start of production: November 2014

The Scantogo plant is intended to supply sister companies in Benin, Togo, Ghana and Burkina Faso, which all belong to HeidelbergCement Group, with clinker for production of cement.

Production Steps

Stage 1-Mining

We are extracting Limestone and Clay from our own quarry. Extraction is done by blasting. Scantogo is one of the first plants where exploitation from year 1 goes along with quarry rehabilitation including re-planting of trees. The other raw materials are purchased; laterite and sand.

Stage 2-Crushing

The objective at this stage is the necessary size reduction of material from the quarry in order to prepare the material for treatment at the next stage that is milling. The crushing is done in two stages; primary and secondary. The crusher line production capacity is 1,000 tons per hour.

Stage 3-Material storage

Limestone: The crushed material is stored in 2 piles of 21,000 tons each. Clay: 2 piles of 2,000 tons each. Coal: 60,000 tons

Stage 4-Raw material grinding

The purpose of this installation is to produce a homogeneous raw meal of a specified fineness that will enable good burning conditions in the kiln, and in sufficient quantity. Capacity of the Vertical Raw Mill is 410 tons per hour (dry meal).

Stage 5-Coal grinding

In this installation, raw coal is ground to a fine finish and is the main fuel of combustion for the clinker production stage. The increased surface area (fineness) of the final product facilitates efficient combustion by a faster and more complete burning reaction. Capacity of the Vertical Coal Mill: 45 tons per hour.

Stage 6-Burning

At this final stage, the fine meal is transformed into clinker in a complex process of chemical and physical changes which take place under extremely high temperatures (up to 1450 degree Celsius) in a rotary kiln. Stringent process and quality control measures ensure that clinker of good quality is produced in the most energy efficient manner. Kiln Capacity: 5,000 tons per day

Scantogo SA

Scantogo Headquarters BP 06 62108 Port area
Lomé (Togo)



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